How works and how you can contribute (Part One)

This is part one of a two part series, see part-two for the rest of the post.

web application

yerevancoder, (yc), is a gatsby web application and its built using a very important JavaScript library called react. The site is a hybrid app because some of the site is generated on the server side (the blog posts) and some parts (the hiring board) are dynamic and made on the client with JavaScript. In addition, yc is a ‘serverless’ application because we use firebase to provide for things like user authentication and a database, (because our traffic is low we don’t pay firebase for the service). This means that we can build everything for our application with just JavaScript and we don’t have to run a server. Because the site is a github pages site, we don’t pay for hosting (the computers that physically provide the HTML and JavaScript). Serverless JavaScript applications are very popular now because you can build an entire startup just by writing JavaScript.

GitHub gives us a free domain at but you’ll notice that the site is So we have a custom domain name, this is done by having a CNAME file at public/CNAME. However that doesn’t provide us with https, so for that part we use cloudflare which provides us with free DDoS protection and https.

The blog posts

Blog posts are easy to write and require knowledge of only two things, git and markdown. To learn git, you need practice and we use it so that we can save the blog posts to the github repo and make pull requests (a request for someone to accept your work into a master copy of the source code). I recommend looking at this interactive website for learning git and our own blog post. For markdown, look at the source code of other blog posts and keep this cheatsheet open.

How to write a blog post

Exact steps to write a blog post:

  1. First fork the main repo
  2. clone your fork.
  3. cd to your recently cloned directory and install all the dependencies with either yarn or npm. So something like:
$ npm install # OR just type yarn
  1. Now run npm run dev or just yarn dev. This will start a local web server on localhost:8000 and you can see the site automatically rebuilt whenever you make a change, it lets you iterate very fast, the automatic refresh is called hot-module-replacement and gatsby sets it up for us.

Note that gatsby will generate an HTML file for JavaScript files under src/pages, so make a new directory with mkdir under src/pages. Notice how the other directories are organized with the date and title in the directory names.

  1. Under your new directory, create an file. This is your blog post and you write it in markdown, be sure to make sure that the top part of the markdown file is set up correctly,

meta data

  1. Once you are happy with the post, create a pull request and someone with commit access for the main yerevancoder repo will either merge the PR or will give some comments.

This is basically the flow of all open source projects so its important to get some experience in it, the dynamic part which is the React coding part, will be explained in part two.

Check out our forums for more discussions, and if you like what you read, then join iterate hackerspace for a community of programmers in Yerevan for coding workshops, coding community.

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