How much should you be paid in Armenian coding jobs?

By Edgar Aroutiounian, catch me on twitter

Here’s a topic that everyone should speak more openly about: pay.

Pay is a topic that people don’t talk openly about in Armenian culture and the tech sector also suffers from that. Here are some rough estimates of what you can expect to receive as a programmer in Armenia based off of my own understandings, talking with people in the industry and having an Armenian business as well that paid programmers. I’ve also included some figures for project quotes and estimations.

Earning a salary

let studyHard = (hours, person) => {
  let hours_really_needed = hours ** 2;
  let experience = practiceProjects(hours_really_needed);
  if (is_talent_in_armenia(talent(experience, person))) {
    throw new Error('Talent is underpaid');
  } else {
    return consider_overseas_options();


Interns can get paid up to $250 a month, this is a coding based internship. Most likely in a frontend kind of position, something React, or Vue based. Cheaper, more enterprisey places use Angular. They pay much less and offer less growth for interns. Never work for free as a coding intern. And ALWAYS get something in written form, never just oral contract.

Entry level

This group usually has about 6-12 months experience, they get paid about $300-$500 a month.

Mid level

This group usually has about 12-24 months experience, they get paid about $500-800 a month.

Experienced & exceptional to keep

I purposefully don’t say senior because it is a nebulous term in this industry. That said, an experienced programmer, that is someone that can build up your startup/company usually gets at least $1000 a month in Yerevan. Places like PicsArt can afford up to $3000 a month. Note, $3000 is not a max or a ceiling. Quite a few people get more than that but that is likely something specialized.


This was assuming Yerevan, Gyumri rates are lower but there are rare positions for experienced people that can fetch $2000 a month.

Doing a project as a freelancer

If you’re working as a freelancer, that is, contract work then you must first make a decision. Will your contract work be with people in Armenia or will it for overseas; this matters for tax reasons.

Projects solely based in Armenia

I recommend that you first establish the liquidity of the potential business partner. I usually do this by asking if the potential employer has at least $4000 at this moment ready to spend on the project. This attitude will save you a lot of time and potential misunderstandings later. Mobile development is hot, a mobile app that takes about 3-4 months should cost at least $6,000-$10,000 depending of course on various complexities and nuances of the app itself. Recommend you quickly move on if the other side is uncomfortable with these dollar figures.

Projects based overseas, outside of Armenia

Recommend that you open an Armenian business and utilize the tax savings given to a business for outsources/contract work.

Programmer pay a month in Armenia TL;DR

Intern Entry Mid-level Experience & Special
50 <= $ <= $200 $300 <= $ <= $500 $500 <= $ <= $800 $1000 <= $ <= $3000+

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