Tech places and events in Armenia

By Edgar Aroutiounian, catch me on twitter

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  await look_for_events();
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So you just landed in Yerevan and need a quick way to get a pulse of the tech industry ASAP. Here’s your insider’s crash course

Places for tech


  1. ISTC-The Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center hosts many many tech events featuring some of the best minds in the local Data Science scene and is home to quite a few startups.
  2. MIC-Armenia-Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia holds many trainings, hosts talks.
  3. AUA-Has a good computer science department, comparable to a top 200 USA university. They also host many tech events.
  4. HeroHouse-An exciting and brand new initiative for startups in Armenia
  5. Tumo-A truly remarkable and unique place in the world, Tumo hosts many tech events and startups.

Outside Yerevan

Outside the capital, there are less tech opportunities but they are growing daily. Gyumri has its own Tumo, Loft and the GTC. Similarly, Vanadzor also has new technology center: VTC. In Artsakh, there is a Tumo center as well.

Places coders hangout at


  1. Achajour-This is a cool cafe, usually many English speakers and many coders, prime place to make friends and run into familiar faces.
  2. Loft-The best place to get serious work done but usually just overnight. Overnight deal is fantastic, only 1000 dram (~$2) for the entire night from 12AM-7AM, unlimited coffee and snacks.

Discussion groups

  1. iterate hackerspace-Facebook group.

Tech events 2018



  1. Global Game Jam Armenia 2018-January 26, 2018



  1. GEEK Girls’ Dinner: Welcome to 2018-January 7, 2018

Check out our forums for more discussions, and if you like what you read, then join iterate hackerspace for a community of programmers in Yerevan for coding workshops, coding community.

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