The success of JSConf in Armenia and what the future holds

By Edgar Aroutiounian, catch me on twitter


The first conference dedicated just to JavaScript in Armenia is over. JSConf 2017 was an amazing success and well over 700 people came to AUA to see, learn from and engage with the best programmers in our Armenian tech community.

I initially had a vision for a conference just for JavaScript in Armenia, around May 2017 or so. Initial planning was to have the conference be at Tumo and I started that conversation with Tumo officials. However, I started to get overwhelmed, overworked and couldn’t keep up with all the demands.

But then the most amazing thing happened, the programmer community in Armenia clearly wanted the conference to still happen and Gevorg Harutyunyan, my good friend whom I’ve known since basically day one of starting iterate hackerspace took the initiative and spearheaded the project. As I watched from San Francisco, Gevorg assembled a team of very dedicated people from the Yerevan tech scene and they started implementing JSConf Armenia.

Initial estimates of conference attendees began at 100, we thought that was a huge number at the time…but then it grew to 200 registrants, and then 400, then 800 and eventually to an insane 1500!


The success of JSConf Armenia shows that there is a huge pent up demand for community, for knowledge sharing and JavaScript in Armenia. Many people asked when the next conference was going to be, even while the current one didn’t even finish yet!

So we have many more events planned, the future for tech in Armenia is very bright and we must continue investing in our greatest resource, our people.

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